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Amnesia is our first feature film, by writer/director Val Gameiro. It’s a psychological horror-thriller done in cooperation with TXSTAR Entertainment Inc, which touches on the subjects of Human Trafficking and Human Rights abuses in institutions.

The film is still in post-production, but here is the trailer with fantastic music from Carl Dante.

Dear all,

If you believe in the power of film, and want to help make a difference in the field of Human Trafficking, then spread this e-mail far and wide… we are making a movie which exposes the horrors of human rights violations in mental institutions and human trafficking.

Both of these victims are people who need help the most, and get abused for it, because it’s so easy to look the other way, or persuade people to not care and not view these people as real people.

The horrific events of this film are based on true accounts of survivors, and we hope this film will be a voice for them, for what they suffered, and will help combat these crimes against humanity, and shed a human light on the survivors (and those who didn’t survive).

We have an amazing cast and crew, with some very seasoned professionals from the Austin, Texas area – it will be a heck of a show.

With names such as the legendary Bobby Sargent as our stunt coordinator, and seasoned pros Robert Cabral and Salvador Cabral (who have worked on several Robert Rodriguez films, such as Machete).

And our DP, Craig Chartier, with over 20 years experience in the business, and of GEAR fame, will guarantee we’ll get some amazing footage to tell this story of survival and friendship.

Top that of with a truly international cast and crew, from as far as Russia, Mozambique and Portugal, and you’re looking at a movie that can touch lives all over the globe.

Want to help? Click on the link below and pledge some money:

Don’t have any money? Pass the word around – even if people can’t contribute financially, if reading our website: makes them more aware of human trafficking, that will be something important. It’s only by awareness that we can combat evil. Truth is the only weapon the criminals can’t fend off.

Share this on Facebook, on twitter, on your e-mail lists… anything goes… every little bit helps!

Let’s do it for the children!

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas

Val Gameiro, an independent writer/director from Austin, Texas is set to shoot his first feature film, Amnesia in October 2011.

The script is written, the cast is set, all that’s left is a lot of paperwork, finding the right locations, and raising the funds for the feature.

A website for the film has been put up on:

A crowd-funding campaign will soon start to raise the funds necessary to make the film. If you would like to contribute, you can do so on the site, ro click over to the Contact Us page and let us know what you’d like to contribute.

Why contribute? Because this is a film with an important message. Every day, every year, people’s human rights are violated by Human Traffickers, and ill-trained or ill-intended people in psychiatric institutions… the most vulnerable of people, who naturally have less means of self-defense are taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.

This movie is based on true accounts… this is their voice… this is their pain… this is so that people become aware and help us put an end to these things.

If Human Trafficking makes your blood boil… here’s something you can do about it… help us give these people a voice. Only by shedding the light of truth on those who choose to victimize people will be win.

We can use your help…

Amnesia the Movie is a psychological horror-thriller by Austin-based Writer/Director Val Gameiro.

Based on true accounts by investigators and survivors of human trafficking and psychiatric institutions, this film aims to entertain, educate and enlighten audiences to some of the horrors that go on in present day.

As with most things, the truth is generally more gruesome than fiction, and this film will explore those realities in the context of the hero’s struggle for survival after waking up with no memory in a strange and isolated asylum.

If that happened to you, what would you do? And what would you do when you uncovered the true horrors that lurk behind Nurse Karmen’s smile, and Dr. Oberheimmer’s countenance.

This film is proudly shot in and around Austin, Texas with an all-Texas cast and crew.

You can check out the film’s website (in construction) here:

You can also follow the film’s progress on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also learn more about Writer/Director Val Gameiro by reading his blog here.


Deferred pay. Shooting in late September 2011. This is a no gore and no nudity horror/thriller based on true events of psychiatric abuse of human rights, and human trafficking.

Please submit headshot and resume to: casting  (at) idealsceneproductions (dot) com

Day 1: Wednesday, April 27th evening

Day 2: Wednesday, May 4th evening

PROTAGONIST: an athletic man in his early to mid 20s, a patient in an asylum. Must have a wide range, as the story is a rollercoaster ride based on true stories.

ANTAGONIST: a deranged man in his 50-60s, wholly dedicated to his research. A lot of subtext and nuances in  this role.

NURSE: She is the antagonist’s right hand, a devoted assistant, and psychotic woman. A scary bombshell with a thick Slavic accent. Must be tall and strong, and capable of instilling respect in patients and other orderlies, and throwing them around.

SERF: a male labor slave from Mozambique. He’s thin and frail, but maintains a positive attitude. Must be able to pass as someone from Mozambique, and learn a few words in Xi-ronga, one of the Mozambican dialects. This is the hero’s best friend.

HEROINE: probably the most challenging role, a woman in her late teens to early 20s, who’s a victim of human trafficking and does not speak. She is used by the Antagonist for commercial sex and is kept doped up. Must be able to communicate without words. When she does speak, she is of Slavic descent, hence a good accent is important. Small framed.

YOUNG GIRL: The heroine’s sister, and a pre-teen to early teen. No dialog either, just emotions and actions. Thin.


I’m very proud to be a part of the Texas Film Friday, a joint effort between a handful of local Austin filmmakers to empower indie filmmakers.

Check it out:

“Texas Film Friday is a creation of the indie filmmakers behind Austin Film Meet and Texas Film Scene, for the specific purpose of providing a platform for Texas-based, independent filmmakers to market themselves to the public and indie film fans. We aim to bring together everyone in the local film scene for an evening of indie film fun and celebration. In addition to promotion, the festival also focuses on generating useable feedback from our audience members to help filmmakers satisfy them even more. We aim to unite the local film scene for an evening of indie film fun and constructive feedback. Help us help Texas indie filmmakers by signing up and attending one of our events. Make your voice count!”

Come support Texas indie filmmakers!!

Filming for the short film Sunset in McDade (Big Plume Productions) by Angela Cecile Lee finished yesterday, Sunday the 26th of September 2010 in McDade, Texas.

Austin, Texas independent filmmaker, Val Gameiro, directed this amazing short film based on true events that took place in McDade, Texas back on Christmas day 1883. A story of true bonds that transcend time, space and the confines of mortal life.

Aided by a formidable crew composed of talented people based in Austin, the shoot wrapped about 2,5 hours ahead of schedule.

We look forward to seeing this short film submitted to film festivals, and getting seen by as many people around the world as possible!

Warm thanks to Angela Lee of Big Plume Productions for writing and producing  this amazing story, and for bringing us on board.

You can visit the short film’s website at:

You can also read the Director’s blog at:

Val Gameiro, writer/director and president of Ideal Scene Productions is set to direct the short feature Sunset in McDade by writer Angela Cecile Lee of Big Plume Productions, under a SAG indie contract.

Sunset in McDade is presently in pre-production, with all casting done and rehearsals in full swing.

The production, which is getting ample help from the locals, is set to shoot between September 24th and 26th, after which it will be looking to submit to major film festivals.

“We wanted to bring the McDade community together for this adventure, and showcase one of the many gems which make Texas such a wonderful location for feature films,” says Val Gameiro, who also had to say this about the story: “It was a very cool concept… I was hooked from the get go. Angela had a really good story to tell; and there’s so much potential. To me, it’s a story of loyalty, and devotion, and spirituality.”

The film web site was created and is being hosted by Ideal Scene Productions:

Ideal Scene Productions Announces The Wordwide Release Of The Controversial Web Series, 7 Shades Of Lenity

Val Gameiro, founder of Ideal Scene Productions and independent filmmaker, is pleased to announce that the web series 7 Shades Of Lenity is being released to a worldwide audience.

The science fiction series is a cautionary tale about a dark future, not unlike that portrayed by George Orwell in 1984.  “It is a cautionary tale, shot and taking place in Austin, Texas, a few years from now,” says Gameiro, “after a conglomerate of unscrupulous banking families took control of the government and declared martial law. The story follows the lives of 9 main characters and how they fight the system to restore Freedom. Think of it as Heroes meets Orwell’s 1984.”

With the unofficial release earlier of the first installment, the series rapidly started gaining a worldwide following from across the United States, Israel, Russia and Portugal, Gameiro’s place of birth.  This country served as a major source of inspiration for the series, says the filmmaker:  “I want people to think about where the world is going, and where we are now. In my Portugal, we had a fascist dictator named Salazar, and shortly after that the Communists took over, so I know how crazy a government can get, and how power-hungry men can get.  This is my way of helping remind people as to what can happen when they relinquish control of their lives to someone else.”

And perhaps more importantly, he adds that he wants viewers to realize that they can do something about the state of things.

The series was shot with cinematographer Terrel J. Melton (who worked on the feature “Strings,” which was also shot by Austin filmmakers) on a Panasonic HVX200, and is being edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects software.  All the locations were either outdoors or donated, with the exception of the Stephen F. Austin Hotel where the scenes with the Governor, played by Pamela Denise Weaver (on the board of the Austin Actor’s Conservatory, a SAG group) were shot.

The episodes, of which four more will be released in the coming months, are written in the vein of Heroes, where viewers follow each storyline for a short amount of time before moving on to the next one.

To watch the series visit where you can subscribe for future releases.

Val Gameiro, an Austin, Texas based writer/director is in the process of rehearsing for the Austin Actor’s Conservatory (a SAG group) upcoming Script-to-Screen presentation of Twilight Nation – Piercing the Veil, a TV pilot by Philip Daay & Chris Engen. Philip Daay is the writer for Left in Darkness (2006), and Chris Engen is an accomplished actor of The Young and the Restless fame.

This is a supernatural western story with a very important message.

Performance will take place on June 6th, 2010 at St. Edward’s University, Ragsdale Center, Jones Auditorium, from 4-6pm.

It’s free and open to the public.

We are proud to announce we’ve published a new video for Austin Women of Liberty, on the subject of the 2nd Amendment.

[tubepress video=67_PiT2Fv5Q]

Many people’s lives could have been saved if they only know how to defend themselves.

Most of the time, you can’t wait for the police – you have to count on yourself.

The 2nd Amendment is your native right to self-defense from those who would deprive you of dignity, liberty or property.

We want to thank the Cast and Crew who helped make this an actuality:

Pamela Denise Weaver – Mom
Marisa Cabral – Daughter
Salvador Cabral – Thug #1
Robert Cabral – Thug #2
Jared Camarata – Driver

Angela Shrewsbury – Cinematographer
David Pencil – Composer
Val Gameiro – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Rita Quinn – Writer, Director, Producer

That’s right folks, you heard it.

We’re very proud to be helping out at this Austin-unique event in March 2010.

We’ll be filming some music events, and it promises to be a lot of fun.

For those technically inclined, we’ll be shooting with the Panasonic HVX200 (our baby, right after our doggies Bella and Mia), and the Firestore FS-100 100GB firewire drive, which allows up to 468 minuteso f 720p footage (P2 PN).

Rita Quinn Photography (our “wife” company) will also be participating doing photography work, of course.

Austin rocks!

This is our very first production, and it’s great to see it out.

We have created 2 websites for the series: – dealing with cast, crew, storyline, interesting tidbits, etc. – dealing with the actual story, from the main villain’s point of view (Dr. Helgesson)

You can see part 1 here, or on youtube.

In Feb ’09, the Texas Parkour gang went up to Baylor University in Waco, Texas to show off their stuff. This is a short music video of their prowess and skill.

When She Smiles was a short film we created with the help of Dottie Laster of Laster Global Consulting and Million Kids, in the hopes of shedding some light on this whole issue, and to illustrate that Human Trafficking doesn’t just happen overseas… to us… to our children… in our back yard.

Aftermath is a pilot rehearsed and shot in the same day in Bull Creek Park in Austin, Texas.

It was our first foray into using a 35mm adapter (a Brevis) with the DP’s HVX200 (Terrel J. Melton).

There’s a short website about the project here.

How may we serve you?

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In our web store you will find stock items you can purchase and use right away, such as:

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But feel free to browse around, and see how we might be of service.

Here are a few videos we’ve produced:

Aftermath (sci-fi short)

When She Smiles (docudrama on Human Trafficking)

Texas Parkour Baylor Jam (Free Running video set to music)

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