Val’s Taped Auditions

If you’ve been asked for a taped audition, what better than working with an actor’s director to increase your chances of getting the part?

Val has been directing actors since 2008 and has attended numerous workshops on directing and working with actors and is always seeking to improve his ability to help actors get the most out of each scene.

Val has written, directed, shot and edited several short films, PSAs, and is now in post-production on his first feature film, Amnesia.

Other than his experience and care, Val also brings his professional gear to the table, namely his Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (or his Canon 7D), and pro-audio as well (Rode NTG-3 shotgun, Countryman or Tram lavs, Marantz or Fostex digital recorder).

After shooting your scenes, Val will do a basic color grade, tweak any sound issues, and then upload to an unlisted link on youtube, or upload to your DropBox (or other web storage account).

Which do you think is going to cause a better, more professional impression, a video shot by your buddy on his iPhone? Or something shot like a film, with the right gear and help from an experienced director?

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